Kenneth Czerny Sioux Falls

Men's Slowpitch Umpire of the Year

  2017 Chuck Buchheim
  2016 Guy Aasen
  2015 Chuck Buchheim
  2014 Chuck Buchheim
  2013 Dewey Boer
  2012 Chuck Buchheim
  2011 Guy Aasen
  2010 Chuck Buchheim
  2009 Chuck Buchheim
  2008 Steve Riswold
  2007 John Knodel
  2006 Steve Riswold
  2005 Chuck Buchheim
  2004 Chuck Buchheim
  2003 Jerry Micke
  2002 Chuck Buchheim
  2001 Larry Toft
  2000 Steve Riswold
  1999 Larry Toft
  1998 Steve Riswold
  1997 Steve Riswold
  1996 Eric Donat
  1995 Earl McGraw
  1994 Larry Weber
  1993 Larry Weber
  1992 Tim May & Larry Toft
  1991 Lyle Bly
  1990 Lyle Bly & Larry Toft
  1989 Terry Jastram & Dick Wheeler

About the Umpire of the Year Program

Kenneth Czerny was a deaf umpire for many years in Sioux Falls.  He worked fastpitch and slowpitch and also refereed basketball.  

Every year each umpire in the Sioux Falls Men's Slowpitch League votes for whom he or she feels are the top ten umpires in the league.  Each board member also has a vote.  When added up, the top ten vote-getters work championship night, and the top vote-getter is awarded the Ken Czerny Umpire of the Year Award.

The award is given out each year after the games of championship night have concluded.